Skiffle Links

The Lonnie Donegan Official Website
Lonnie Donegan MBE, the King Of Skiffle and ‘first real British pop superstar’ was born on 29 April 1931 and celebrated his 50th year in the music business in 2001. Lonnie Donegan shot to fame in 1956, when Rock Island Line sold an unprecedented 3 million copies, shooting into the British and American top ten. Britain had never heard anything like it and youngsters were hooked on skiffle.

The Dodge Brothers
The Dodge Brothers are renowned for playing the hell out of classic Americana. Singing songs about transport, heartbreak and homicide, they render distinctive narratives of mean women, bad men and railroads and set them to hard driving rhythms. Top skiffle band.

Lewis Floyd Henry
The incomparable Lewis Floyd Henry is just such a dude. In the age when MySpace and the blogosphere have become the conventional means of achieving rock stardom, this remarkable songwriter and performer has gone the ancient route of taking to the streets to broadcast his music.

The Legendary Kid Combo
You have got to see this!!! More cowboy than skiffle but superb.

The Beaver Street Hat Band
Three musician friends who met many years ago and shared a mutual interest in Beaver hunting. They got together & recorded a CD of songs that they heard & played as they were growing up.

The Black Diamonds
Performing music from a vast repertoire covering many decades and genres’: 1920’s to present day (including their own songs!), Skiffle, Beatles Skiffle, British Skiffle, Techno Skiffle, Rock a Billy, Pop, Rhythm and Blues, Irish Folk, Country, Swing and Gypsy Jazz. All the show songs are uniquely re-created in the bands own style.

Billy Goat Gruff
Superb bluegrass band from the USA playing original material…and using a washboard. Their CD “Wild and Overgrown” is a must. Close enough to skiffle for me.

Vince Eager
Vince became a household name with over 100 TV appearances on shows such as Six Five Special, Oh Boy and Drumbeat. Vince released 14 singles and 5 albums. Vince also played with Lonnie Donegan on his last ever show.

Railroad Bill
The UKs Hottest Skiffle Group!

Kick ‘n’ Rush Comedy Skiffle Band
Skiffle, Comedy, Folk and Rock ‘n’ Roll with their influences stretching from Lonnie Donnegan and Woody Guthrie through to the Beatles.

The Gutter Bothers
One of the most successful skiffle based bands of the last decade or so having recorded soundtracks for ‘Gone to the dogs’ and an ‘only fools and horses’ special.

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Stourbridge Washboards
Custom washboards made for cool skiffle sounds.

Chas McDevitt
One of the few groups to have come through both the jazz club and coffee bar environment, the Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group was the only other British skiffle group, along with Lonnie Donegan, to achieve success in the U.S.A.

The Vipers
Info on the legendary Skiffle Outfit who were probably Lonnie Donegan’s main competion in the late 1950’s.

Ministry of Rock
Great website covering rock music ( including skiffle ) from the fifties onwards. Loads of information.

The London Philharmonic Skiffle Orchestra
Using a wealth of instruments they have created a show which is a guaranteed good time for one and all!

Roberto Flores
A friend of the band and a great cartoonist/illustrator from Span with rockabilly tendencies!

Get yer Washboards here!!! Carbolic Soap Co.
Carbolic Soap Co. is proud to announce that we are the exclusive distributors of these washboards in the UK. Our new range is now in stock at our warehouse in the UK and is available for immediate despatch. The primary skiffle instrument.

Musical Saw & Theremin
Kick off your shoes and make yourself comfortable as you cybersurf through the electromagnetic fields of the theremin and along the vibrating edge of the musical saw! Skiffle on man!

Western Star Recording Studio
Situated in the West of England, approximately 10 miles south of Bath, Western Star is the project studio of producer and musician Alan Wilson and specialises in rock ‘n’ roll and rockabilly recordings.

Raucous Records
This is the place to find all your underground hillbilly, skiffle and rockabilly records & CDs.

Carole Noakes Music
You can get washboards and some other unusual musical instruments here!

Mosam Skiffle Train
The Mosam Skiffle Train consists of five musicians who practically all were caught up in the skiffle rage of the fifties of the last century and now on the edge of the new millennium have again taken up their old passion.

7th Hamburger Skiffle Festival!

Old Boys Skiffle developed from the sides of the Hamburg Skiffle Festival and the old Boys Skiffle corporation. Skiffle and handmade music is the topic.

Norfolk Gig Guide
Top Norfolk entertainment guide.

Big Black Cadillac
Rockabilly band in the Norfolk area featuring past members of The Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo.

Not skiffle but great! Their live shows are notoriously mad, with band members jumping around the stage bashing on anything which makes a tune – including, on occasions, a washing machine.